Gift Terms and Conditions

The Reward is provided by the service providers/brokers and not Armour Life Limited and not by the Insurance Provider.

To be eligible for this Offer, you must comply with the following;

You must be a UK resident aged 18 or over;

You can only claim one reward per client.

You must not have received any other reward or other promotional benefit from us, in respect of a life insurance policy purchase, at any time.

Reward will NOT be delivered until the consumer rights cooling off period has taken place AND at least 4 monthly direct debits have been taken by the Insurance Provider.

The service providers/brokers will despatch the Reward within 28 days of receiving the relevant redemption request, and upon receipt from the Insurance provider/ service providers/brokers that at least 4 direct debits have been received and no cancellation is in progress, the despatch of the reward will obviously depend on when you choose to allow the first direct debit payment to be taken.

Rewards are not mandatory and vary from service providers/brokers to service providers/brokers. The gift you may /may not qualify for will depend on your budget, your medical history, the insurance provider and the discretion of the service providers/brokers.

The minimum monthly premium is £10.00.

By accepting the reward you are agreeing to pay the life insurance for the minimum clawback period designated by the service providers/brokers to Armour Life Ltd, this can vary from 2 years to 4 years dependant on the service providers/brokers. If you fail to keep up with payments for the life insurance we will request the value listed above of the free gift to be repaid to us.

Your reward will be sent direct to you within 28 days of your 4th premium payment being received in full.

If you haven’t received your Reward, you can call us on 01392 241300.